Por qué – Acerca de este sitio

About Navimundo

La versión corta:

Navimundo.com es un sitio web sobre viajes externos e interiores, ya que se combinan de forma natural y hermosa en el crecimiento humano. Disfruta de tu viaje alrededor del mundo hasta el fondo de tu alma.

En un poco más de detalle:

Navimundo.com is a blog, or better let’s go with ‘website,’ about travel. My random ramblings along the road while I physically travel to many places in many forms: Air, car, train, bus, bicycle, walk. Luxury, budget, hidden in the mainstream of a 3 and 4-star accommodations. Lateral experience allows us to see the one in the many and the many in the one. Always referencing any knowledge and human interaction in its many forms as the frame from which we seek understanding and insight.

For what am I looking? Peace. Peace is the result of insight, alignment, and freedom. Outer and inner freedom. External liberty has the form of financial freedom and independence. Inner liberation as a mind in balance without attachment. It is a feeling of joyful stillness. It is ironic in this life that we need to keep moving to feel stillness. It is because everything around us changes all the time. Keep going by traveling or perpetually developing and improving ourselves.

Nowhere in the world is any real peace to be found. That’s the nature of the world. There is always that guy with the hammer or that brutish fellow human transgressing and imposing from the realm of egotistical self-maximization. So the job is to look for peace within. The task is to master your mind.

I was mostly bored in school. University almost finished me off. While I filled my mind with a lot of information and knowledge, I learned hardly any skills to master my life. Real learning begins when we unconditionally commit to reality. When we empty our cup, stop believing anything and consciously make our choices based on our thinking and take full responsibility. At this point thinking and hence learning start. Here is where the journey begins. It is wise to have an idea of the destination but to focus on the trip.

I meditate and do yoga. A lot. Not because I believe in anything or adhere any faith. Meditation and yoga are essential tools in my kit. They help me to differentiate, dissect, understand, view or merely perceive and enjoy my body, thoughts, and feelings.

All the tools and insights of my journey are topics for www.navimundo.com. I hope that they may be useful for you. And yes, nice of you to be here.